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Linda Palermo | San Rafael, CA

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We are located in San Rafael, Marin County, CA


Linda Palermo

She has a successful track record in providing strategic sales and marketing insight and in training and coaching to help people to be the best that they can be. She has also held a broad range of leadership roles in marketing, sales, human resources, finance and operations that enable her to contribute to companies on a highly strategic level. 

Training is customized to your needs and include:

  • Sales Force, Management and Leadership Development
  • Sales Training, Management Training and Coaching
  • Sales Management Training
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Customer Service Training
  • Negotiation Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Sales Recruitment and Hiring Systems
  • Leadership and Sales Assessments
  • Attitude and Belief Conditioning
  • Life Skills for Teenagers and Young Adults